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In private jet sales, the pre-purchase inspection is the critical time when the aircraft is scrutinized and reviewed for sale. It is the penultimate step before the aircraft is accepted and delivered to the buyer. A business aircraft is a significant capital asset that must be managed according to the most accurate market data available. Wholesale Aviation Group employs the insights of its own in-house market researchers as well as outside financial experts in order to advise our clients. We take a highly strategic approach to the costs and benefits of private aircraft ownership.  Because of our decades of operational experience in business jet charter, aircraft management and aircraft completions, we can provide our clients with more precise valuations and operating cost projections.

Pre-purchase inspection:
This is a critical element of all Pre-Owned aircraft transaction, demonstrating the value to the perspective of the buyer and the seller. After the purchase agreement has been signed, the pre-purchase inspection is conducted. This is because of the correction of discrepancies, often referred to in the purchase agreement as rectification, uncovered in the pre-purchase inspection is agreed upon in the purchase agreement. The pre-purchase inspection has two main components: (1) the physical aircraft inspection and (2) the aircraft records inspection. All aircraft are not the same. The pedigree of an asset has intrinsic value. An aircraft without logbooks of sufficient detail is worth significantly less than the same aircraft with proper records. The scope of the physical inspection of the aircraft varies by make and model. It is tailored to the components and age of the aircraft. A manufacturer-authorized maintenance facility knows exactly what needs to be covered. Typical checks include the airframe, the engines/APU, the avionics suite, the systems, and an interior and exterior cosmetic review.

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